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Plaza Championship

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Team Tournament of Champions

was originated in the 2010 season to showcase the top winning teams from each league Plaza Lanes has to offer. Through a unique average and handicapping system, the focus of this event is to allow the opportunity for every caliber of player (Men, Women, Mixed) to represent the league in which that they had won and compete simultaneously to determine Plaza Lanes Champion of Champions. This winning team, besides proving that they are the best, are awarded complimentary lineage to Plaza Lanes next Fall Season (over a $2400 value to the winning team!)


2018-2019 Last Season Team Champions
Last Years Winning TOC Champions photo
  This year's event is scheduled for
May 15th at 6:00 pm.

  Will your team be
  Plaza's Next Champions???

Clark Troup, Juanita Alaniz, Comelius Joseph Jr, Pamela Joseph & Neil Smith
(Pictured Left to right)


Here is a current list of those qualifying teams so far . . .

 Sun. Guys & Dolls  Rockers  Janee Babbitt, Judy Hendricks, Adam
 Batliner, Emmit Hendricks
1st Quarter Winners
   Rockers  Janee Babbitt, Judy Hendricks, Adam
 Batliner, Emmit Hendricks
2nd Quarter Winners 
 Monday Handicap League  Lucrezia  Gary Wilson, Dan Dragus, Keefe Norman,
 Matt Kiing, Keith Kozup
1st Half Winners 
 Tuesday Mixed  Yeah Baby  Danielle Rudnickas, Jonathan Payne, Adam
 Batliner, Tyler Trombetta, Ryan McCoy
1st Third Winners 
 Tuesday PinSpinners  Alley Oops  Kristi Livingston, Renee Truman, Dale Adams
 Bob Truman, Kevin Livingston
1st Half Winners
 Wed. Continental League  Johnny's Tap  Pat Hauer, Darian Moore, Dan Jongsma,
 Wayne Lockrey, Mark Taylor
1st Half Winners 
 Wed. Memorial League  Golfing Buddies  Barney Deak, Don Watts, Chuck Smith,
 Earl Carroll, Ken Bobos
1st Half Winners
 Thurs. Men's Handicap  Last Minute Effort  Brian Casillas Sr, Brian Casillas Jr, Matt
 Woolum, Joe Gemmato, Ed Gregor
1st Half Winners
 Friday Annex Mixed  Balls Deep  Ismael Rodriguez, Frances Torress, Christine
 Rodriguez, Chrissy Plancarte, John Plancarte
1st Half Winners
 Friday Men's Handicap  Smashing Blumpkins  Chris Miloshoff, Terry Niksich, David Miloshoff,
 Bryan Miloshoff, Sean Maloney
1st Half Winners 
 Friday Ladies Nite Out  Rollin' Thunder  Renee Gething, Cindy Rudnickas, Kimberly
 Cloud, Giesel Smith, Danielle Rudnickas
1st Half Winners
 Mike Hipp Memorial  Order Up  Denny Eddlemon, John Y Eddlemon, Bob
 Biron, Ruben Solis Jr, Randy Running
1st Half Winners 
 Saturday Goodtimers  That's A Dolla  Cheri Taylor, Kristina Deardorff, Bill
 DeWitt, Eric DeWitt
1st Half Winners